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Customized Shower Stalls

Would you like an original solution for your shower stall? Do not let your bathroom limit you and design your own solution. You can design a shower stall that fits your needs!

Do you prefer showering to bathing? Are you having problems with finding something in the available offer of standardized shower stalls? Are you asking for an atypical solution - your own, original solution of a shower stall? Do not let your bathroom limit you and design your own solution. 

Main advantages of customized solutions:

  • fast design in a unique planner only in 5 steps
  • wide selection of colours of the frames, panels, handles and hinges
  • fast delivery within 28 days
  • Czech production (Ravak)
  • authorized installations (CZK 2,500 for a shower stall, CZK 1,200 for a shower screen, CZK 1,200 for a shower tub ; prices include VAT )

With the planner, you can easily set up your shower stall, tailored to your needs and the space available in your bathroom. There are no limitations due to standardized dimensions or colours. Set up your own shower stall, shower door as well as a fixed wall including the colour of the frame/hinges, handle and panel.   


Try planning software (in Czech)

The planner for customized shower stalls will help you with an unusual product height or width.


drawingAtyp Raval 

Do not be afraid of complexities

We have simplified everything as much as possible and prepared an easy and intuitive control elements that will help you create a shower stall solution tailored to your needs and requirements. No more limitations due to standardized products. Whether you prefer a round or rectangular shape, sliding quadrant door or a simply hinged door: everything can be done. Simply design everything according to your needs. All in 5 simple steps - from design through calculation to your order.

5 steps



However, if you need to create inclinations, cutouts, unusual arches, barrier-free access and other similar features, contact us at
atyp 1        atyp 2

Atyp 1:  Atypical shower door in attic                                      Atyp 2: Expanded shower door without the bottom frame.



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