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Planners and configurators

When planning a new bathroom, our planners will help you to find a functional solution for the most suitable positioning of sanitary ware – the bath, shower, etc., bathroom furniture. Choose from our range of products, draw and place in the space — be your own architect and create an original bathroom just for yourself.

2D Bathroom Configurator

Just enter the shape and size of your bathroom, choose the fittings – bath, washbasin, shower etc. according to your wishes and easily create a 2D design of your new bathroom.
Are you having second thoughts about the arrangement of your new bathroom? Don’t worry, you can easily modify the original design in the configurator. Just play around with the layout and design of your new bathroom as you wish.

Bathroom Solution helper

Before planning your bathroom, have a look at our practical helper (in Czech language), which can advise you on how to move comfortably around your bathroom. Certain rules apply when positioning an item, such as the recommended distances between items in the bathroom, recommended heights of sanitary ware and free space in a functionally designed bathroom. The sizes are in centimetres. In a modern bathroom, everything must have its own place and be thoroughly thought out.


2D configurator



Bathroom Furniture Planner

SIKO can also create furniture and washbasins that exactly correspond to your requirements – choose from thousands of colours, sizes are in centimetres, and there are accessory cabinets and washbasins. Please make an appointment with one of our sales assistants.

Test Planner (Note: only available in Czech)


Bathroom gallery with thousands of inspirational bathrooms

We have the largest ever online bathroom gallery containing thousands of graphic designs and inspiration for your bathroom.


Because inspiration is an extremely important element in our business, we have created a unique electronic photo gallery. The gallery with thousands of Inspirations covers the largest ever online gallery of bathroom designs created exclusively in our graphics centre. This unique project was created with the aim to fully inspire all our potential clients who are currently in the process of arranging or renovating their bathrooms and are interested in the modern trends in this field. The thousands of graphic designs mean that it not only provides maximum inspiration, but is also a source of useful tips and suggestions.

Visit the gallery (Note: only available in Czech)