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SIKO BATHROOMS & KITCHENS is currently the largest retail network specializing in the sale of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, operating over 50 showrooms throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 700 employees and a consolidated turnover in excess of 3 billion CZK.

Goods are prominently displayed In SIKO showrooms, in order to inspire our customers. SIKO can also boast that the photographs in the promotional materials are taken in its showrooms and not copied straight from the manufacturer's catalogues. This is a genuine invitation to visit SIKO showrooms…

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SIKO offers products across nearly all price categories. This website presentation features only the best selling products.

We believe that our Internet presentation will inspire you to visit a SIKO showroom. Even the best photograph on the Internet or in a catalogue can not compare to real life viewing.

We aim to offer our customers in our showrooms the best professional services currently available:

  • MOST SPECIALIZED - 50,000 items
  • BEST PRICES AND SERVICE – we guarantee this
  • BIGGEST INSPIRATION – 1,500 bathrooms on display in our showrooms
  • BEST GRAPHIC DESIGNS FOR BATHROOMS on PC – photographic quality (including 360°   panorama view)
  • LARGEST GALLERY OF BATHROOMS – get inspired at
  • MOST PROFESSIONAL STAFF – sophisticated training system - you do not have to look for us; we    are always available
  • HIGHEST NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS SERVED – over 500,000 each year
  • MOST CUSTOMER FRIENDLY OPENING HOURS, problem-free parking, children's play areas
  • MOST BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS we can turnkey build
  • BEST SELLING PRODUCTS ALWAYS IN STOCK – even in our smaller showrooms
  • BEST INTERIOR – showroom in Prague - Zličín designed by Eva Jiřičná
  • FREE SHIPPING – more information available in the showroom 


Before you shop elsewhere, call into a SIKO showroom and at least take a look. Only by doing this will you find out if our slogan is true:

"SIKO – showrooms full of inspiration"

SIKO is not only a retailer for final consumers. Due to purchases ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of crowns, SIKO gains discounts that can be further passed on to wholesale customers. This can be confirmed by 2,500 long-term domestic customers (retail and construction companies), as well as by many customers from abroad (Slovakia, Slovenia Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia, Lithuania etc.).